CWSA ワールドチャンピョンシップ 出場資格



かなり ロシア勢のエントリーが見られます。 一気に追い上げてきそうですね。




プロウェイクサーフィンの王様 コナー・バーンズも前回大会のオンラインに参加。






以下 CWSA 本国公式サイトより引用

Invitation Qualification Criteria For 2023 CWSA World Championship

The invitation criteria for the 2023 CWSA World Championship is now available for viewing on our website.

If you’re considering competing in the 2023 CWSA World Championship this year, we highly recommend reviewing the criteria to ensure that you meet all of the requirements necessary for an invitation.

To view the criteria, simply visit the link below:

2023 CWSA World Championship Invitation Qualification Criteria

We encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions or need clarification regarding the invitation criteria. Your feedback and queries are always welcome and appreciated.

Thank you for your continued passion and dedication to our sport. We’re looking forward to seeing your exceptional performances in the CWSA World Championship.

Additionally, there are still events open for registration so don’t miss your chance to qualify for the CWSA World Championship! Head over to our website by clicking the links below to get more information and to register for one of our events!

2023 CWSA World Tour Online Event #2, July 7th – July 31st
Volga Surf Champ, August 12th – August 13th, Volga Surf Champ Information Packet
2023 CWSA European Wakesurf Championship, August 19th – August 20th
Wakesurf Serre Poncon Cup, August 26th – August 27th
Finally, below you can find information regarding upcoming events opening for registration soon. Click the links below to learn more about these events and mark your calendars!
2023 CWSA World Tour Online Event #3, August 4th – August 23rd
2023 CWSA Asian Championship, September 9th – September 10th
2023 CWSA World Championship, October 5th – October 8th

We look forward to seeing you at one of our events this season!

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